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The impressive ruins of Ceibal lie on an important trade route linking the Petén Lowlands of Guatemala with the Caribbean coast and Mexico. We travel by vehicle to the banks of the Pasión River, and then take a scenic boat trip to the isolated yet well maintained Maya site of Ceibal. Ceibal is located just inland on a large bend in the river. It’s a beautifully landscaped, partially excavated site comprising three main ‘groups’ occupying different hill tops. The site enjoyed an extremely long period of occupation from the Early Classic period through to the Terminal Classic period, when it enjoyed a hiatus when other cities in the region were in decline or abandoned. Due to the exceptionally hard stone used at the site there are well-preserved ornate stelae located around the two main plazas. Numerous stelae depict events after the Classic Maya collapse of the Petexbatún kingdom. Monuments at the site are varied in time period and style with some showing influences from non-Maya cultures of central Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Once we have visited the site we’ll return to Sayaxche and our vehicles via the Petexbatún lagoon home to turtles, crocodiles, otters and a large variety of birds.
Departs: 7:00 am Returns: 5:00 pm
*Total travel time – 5 hour drive & 2 hours boat ride
Attire: Long pant, long-sleeved shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, hiking shoes Level of Difficulty: Moderate to High