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Tikal Sunset Tour

This tour offers special access to the magical Maya site of Tikal at sunset. It allows guests to enjoy the tranquility of the site and to marvel at the special ‘sense of place’ that the majestic temples, spacious courtyards and towering forest canopy creates. The silence is frequently punctured by the eerie call of howler monkeys and it’s easy to let your imagination step back in time and imagine causeways bustling with life and shamans’ holding court atop the monolithic limestone temples. As night closes in you’ll walk back along forest trails enchanted by this truly unique experience.

Departs: 2:00 pm Returns: 7:30 pm
*Total travel time – 2 hour drive
Attire: Long pant, t-shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, tennis/hiking shoes

Level of Difficulty: Easy-to-medium hiking and climbing is optional.