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Yaxhá and Topoxte

The important ceremonial center of Yaxhá is located between the two lakes of Yaxhá and Sacnab. Upon arrival we board a “Lancha” (motorized canoe) to visit Topoxte, a site with a long occupational history that became a Late Classic outpost of Yaxhá before being abandoned by 900 AD. The site was later reoccupied by the Maya K’owoj in AD 1350 becoming the largest Post Classic Maya site in the Petén. Topoxte was finally abandoned in AD1450. Formerly sited on an island the ruins are now located on a peninsula due to lower water levels. After lunch, we will explore Yaxhá, an important Maya site and recent location of the US ‘Survivor’ TV series. Yaxhá has over 500 structures, including 40 stelae, 2 ball courts and 9 temple pyramids. Structures at Yaxhá show the influence of Teotihuacan and Plaza ‘C’ has the only twin-pyramid complex outside of Tikal which gives an insight into Yaxhá’s political allegiances. We will end the tour atop temple 216 to view the jungle and lakes of Yaxhá and Sacnab.

Departs: 8:00 am

Returns: 2:00 pm

*Total travel time – 3 hour drive & 30 min boat ride

Attire: Long pants, t-shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, tennis/hiking shoes. Level of Difficulty: Moderate