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Yaxhá at Sunset

Depart from La Lancha at 1pm and drive east through rolling countryside and small farming villages toward the Belizean border. On arrival there is time for a guided tour of the ancient Maya site of Yaxhá set on the banks of the beautiful Yaxhá lagoon. Yaxhá is an important Maya site dating from the preclassic period when it is believed the merchant warriors of Teotihuacan exerted considerable control over the site. As the sun silently slips below the horizon you’ll enjoy the sunset from atop temple 216 with panoramic views of both lakes or the Temple of the Red Hand Prints.

Departs: 2:00 pm

Returns: 8:00 pm

*Total travel time – 3 hour drive

Attire: Long pants, t-shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, tennis/hiking shoes.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate