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Ceramic and Terracotta Artisan

From the earliest times this part of Italy has been an original center of ceramic and terracotta activity, as testified by the numerous artifacts found belonging to the age of Magna Graecia, the Roman period and the Middle Ages.

Of great interest today in many towns in this area are many artisanal pottery and artistic terracotta workshops that are inspired by the formal types and decorative styles of that period, which are complemented by a production of traditional decorative forms and motifs revisited in a modern key.

Small groups of guests, at Palazzo Margherita, can also discover the art of ceramics with a talented master ceramist and learn the techniques of this ancient art. The class is held in the courtyard of the Palazzo and consists of two steps: in the first one, guests are shown how to shape the clay on the lathe. In the second phase, guests learn how to decorate the items. After being cooked and dried, the pottery can be shipped to guests as a memory of the experience.