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Vulture of Frederick II

(143 km – 1 hour 40 minute drive)


Melfi is famous for its castle which was built by the Normans. It was renovated by the Swabians and Angevins, and in 1231 Frederick II signed the Augustales Constitutions of Sicily’s Kingdom. The castle then passed into the hands of the Dorians, an important noble Italian family from Genova, and they transformed the central structure and renovated the room decor. Currently the castle is the Melfi National Museum, containing relics and artifacts from the prehistoric Roman, Greek, and Norman periods.


Lagopesole is renowned for its castle which was erected between 1242 and 1250. It is a magical place where the spirit of the great Swabian Emperor Frederick II can still be felt. Thanks to its position on the hill of the town, it appears and disappears from view depending on where you are situated. The position of the castle upon the valley tells us that it was designed as the hunting castle for Frederick II.