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Sunrise Bird Watching

As the sun rises at Blancaneaux, the morning is greeted by the call of Chachalacas as squadrons of Aztec Parakeets fly overhead and across the river. For a few short hours the forest is alive with the sound of exotic birdlife. Take a short walk around the property’s gardens and trails, and let your guide point out the well camouflaged birds hiding in the nearby forest. Learn about our migrant species and the many secrets of our feathered friends. With almost 600 species documented in Belize, this walk is an excellent introduction to the birds of the region. The colorful Green Jay, the jester-like Acorn Woodpecker and the Melodious Blackbird are just some of the many species to be seen on property.


Departs: Depends on sunrise
Duration: 1 hour (Concierge can arrange for half day or full day birding)
Attire: Long pant, t-shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, and tennis/hiking shoes
Level of Difficulty: Easy


Download Activities Rates Sheet (PDF)

Download Activities Sheet (PDF)