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The trip to Aguateca is an exciting full day adventure combining nature and archaeology. We depart early and drive just over two hours to the river port town of Sayaxche on the River La Pasión. From here we board a motorized boat for the three hour trip downstream to the ruins of Aguateca. Dos Pilas and later Aguateca were capitals of the dynasty founded in AD 645 by a prince from Tikal. It is here at Aguateca that the rulers of the Petexbatún kingdom made their last stand after fleeing Dos Pilas. The enemy remains an enigma, possibly the rulers of nearby Tamarindito an ex-vassal state or raiders of Putún Maya from modern day Tabasco State in Mexico. Aguateca is a fortified Maya city located close to Dos Pilas on a plateau overlooking the river. Surrounded by steep escarpments and a sheer sided 200 ft deep chasm the inhabitants also erected wooden palisades and managed to defend the city for about 50 years after the collapse of Dos Pilas until around AD 790 when they were overrun and the city was abandoned.
Departs: 7:00 am Returns: 5:00 pm *Total travel time – 5 hour drive & 2 hours boat ride

Attire: Long pant, long-sleeved shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, hiking shoes

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to High