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Located just 2 hours’ drive from La Lancha the history of Uaxactún lies entwined with its near neighbor and greatest rival Tikal. The two sites entered the Classic period as equals in size and power. Stelae 9 shows the site’s earliest recorded date yet by AD 378 Great Jaguar Paw, the ruler of Tikal waged a new kind of warfare taught by their allies from Teotihuacan

and conquered Uaxactún. While excavating the site Archaeologists discovered remarkable late preclassic sculptures and elaborately decorated temple platforms which feature large plaster masks representing the sacred living Mountain, the Witz Monster. The grounds of the site are lovingly maintained and the on-site museum contains a wonderful collection of unique artifacts.

Departs: 7:00 am Returns: 4:00 pm

*Total travel time – 3 hour drive

Attire: Long pants, t-shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, tennis/hiking shoes.

Level of Difficulty: MODERATE