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Wine Tasting

For wine lovers…

1) we suggest two wineries in the fascinating Vulture area.

Located in Basilicata’s north-eastern side, this volcanic region was one of the favorite places of the emperor Frederick II, who chose it to practice his beloved falconry. The gentle, multi-coloured hills of the area are the perfect habitat for the vineyards which produce the Aglianico del Vulture DOC red wine. The area is also rich in incredible natural and artistic treasures: immense forests, volcanic lakes, ancient ruins, abbeys, castles, and museums.

The first winery is located in Rionero in Vulture. You will enjoy a fantastic journey through the ancient tradition of winemaking. Here you can taste and enjoy the great wine produced, coming from the excellent grapes that are cultivated in fields rich in mineral water. The team of this winery will guide you through the production, preservation, and final result of their treasured wine. After a tour of the historic cellars, you can enjoy the wine with a light lunch made from products that come from local farms.

The second winery stands 600 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Vulture (a dormant but not yet extinct volcano) in a marvelous 6-hectare vineyard that produces a unique, first-class Aglianico wine. Here you will enjoy carefree walks through the vineyard and tours of the cellars, then continue the experience with a tasting of the wine and local products.


2) and one in the picturesque Salento area, in the neighboring region of Puglia.

The northwestern region of Salento is known for the production of the excellent “Primitivo” DOC red wine. The cultivation of the Primitivo vineyards is concentrated in the area surrounding the town of Manduria. 

The winery we suggest is located in an ancient masseria, a typical farmhouse in the heart of the DOC Primitivo di Manduria wine (the same variety as the Californian Zinfandel Grape), just a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea. Guided by its owners, you will visit a vast wine estate of the area, where you will be told the ancient history of wine making; so you will enjoy a tour of the vineyards, a visit to a very old mansion which was once used to make wine, an interesting wine tasting (among the others, you will taste the not-to-be-missed finest local Primitivo DOC wine) and a light lunch with traditional products and dishes.