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Nim Li Punit Maya Site and Blue Creek Cave

Located in the beautiful rainforest of the Toledo District in Southern Belize, a 90 min scenic drive leads you to the late-classic ceremonial site of Nim Li Punit, with several unique stela and a tomb. After your visit at Nim Li Punit, continue to Blue Creek Cave. First, a 30- minute hike brings you to the entrance of the wet caves. As you swim through the cave, you will be surrounded by cascading waters, stalactites and crystal-like formations. Note: The Blue Creek is not recommended for guests with mobility restrictions.

Departs: 8:00 am
Returns: 5:00 pm
Total travel time: 3.5 hrs. drive
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Extreme
Attire: light shorts and t-shirt that can get wet, swimwear, hiking/water shoes with covered
toes, Insect repellent and an extra pair of clothing
Important: Must be fit enough to be able to maneuver over rocky terrain and recommended to be able to swim

Download Activities Rates Sheet PDF

Download Activities Sheet PDF